Brazilwear Australia's bikinis come in three sizes, Small, Medium and Large.  However some bikinis are a smaller cut, sitting at the smaller end of small and similarly there are large bikinis that would be suitable for women bigger than the guide below.  In the cases where a cut is smaller than typical the bikini has been labeled Extra Small (XS) and larger cut bikinis are labeled Extra Large (XL)

Brazilian Bikinis are smaller (in terms of coverage) by design than bikinis you might typically find from the main stream labels. 

It is important to remember the distinction between a small bikini and a bikini that is sized too small.  Just because you want a small bikini for minimal coverage doesn't mean you should go for a smaller size.  An incorrectly fitting bikini that is cutting in to your skin is not a flattering look.

The opposite is also true, if you are not comfortable with a minimal level of coverage, don't go for a smaller cut bikini in a bigger size.  Instead choose a style that is the right fit for your body and your modesty.  A well fitting bikini should be taught but not so tight that it cuts into you.

Brazilian Bikini Size Chart

Brazilwear Size Usual  Cup Size 

Regular (AU/UK) Sizing 

USA Sizing Waist Hips  Special Note
in cm in cm
Small A to Small B  6 to 8

Tops: 4-6

Bottoms: 0-3

24.5-26 62-66 34.5-36 88-92 Small typically suits a petite girl or taller girls with a more athletic figure comfortable with minimal coverage.
Medium Full B  to Small C  8 to 10


Bottoms: 4-6

26-27.5 66-70 36-38 92-96  
Large  Full C to D  10 to 12

Tops: 10 -12

Bottoms: 7-9

27.5-29 70-74 38-39.5 96-100 We recommend a banded halter top for bustier girls as most of the string halter bikinis will not provide sufficient support.  I am a full D cup myself and I can't wear the string tri-tops.


Ofcourse, if it doesn't fit, or you are unhappy with your new bikini for any reason, we'll exhange it for free, as per our Refund Policy


Special Notes

The key is to choose an appopriate fit across the bust and then select a bikini bottom style that provides the coverage you are after. 

In choosing a bikini top, keep in mind the larger your breasts the more material you will need to offer the required support.  If you are a C cup or bigger you will want to go for a top that fully encases your breast

Bikinis with string ties allow for considerable adjustment.  However you do not want to go for a bikini top with string ties if you are bigger than a C cup.  A strap halter top with a fabric band is a better option. 

All of out swimwear is made of Lycra, offering plenty of stretch as well as support.

For guidance and suggestions on what to consider in choosing a style based on your individual body shape see our Tips for Choosing your Perfect Bikini