Brazilian Cut Bikinis

Brazilian Cut Bikinis

How to Wear Brazilian Bikini Bottoms

What's Unique and So Great about the Brazilian Bikini

Brazilian Bikinis allow you to show off, without showing too much.  Brazilian Bikinis are seductive yet feminine and tasteful.  You can wear these bikinis with confidence that you are not crossing the line of what is appropriate, i.e. they pass the "Would I feel comfortable wearing this in front of the in-laws?" test.

The secret lies in the Brazilian Cut.  This is the balance between revealing without revealing too much.  This is achieved by the bikini bottoms cutting across the cheek of your bum, rather than sitting under it (as is the case with typical swimwear), or cutting straight up the middle and across the top like with a thong.

An example best illustrates:

Our Regular Brazilian Cut - Look for bikini bottoms marked as: B2

or shop by bikini bottom style in our Regular Brazilian Cut dept.


A more Skimpy Brazilian Cut - Look for bikini bottoms marked as: B1

Skimpy Brazilian Cut

or shop by bikini bottom style in our Skimpy Brazilian Cut dept.


Not quite a G-string, our Thongs are perfect for those after minimal coverage.  Bottoms are marked: A

Thong G String Brazilian Bikini

or shop by bikini bottom style in our Brazilian Thong & G String dept.


Our Modest Brazilian Cut is perfect for those a little more shy, Look for bottoms marked: C

Modest Braziian Cut Bikini

or shop by bikini bottom style in our Modest Cut dept.


The Regular Cut is typical of most bikinis sold in Australia.


Regular Cut Bikini


The Degree of Coverage increases from A through to C. Note that even our Modest Cut provides less coverage than a Regular Bikini

Bikini Cut Comparison


Brazilian Bikinis for all levels of modesty

Whether you prefer minimal coverage swimwear for that near all over tan, or you're a little more shy, we are sure we can offer you a bikini that will help you stand out from crowd on the beach. Of course if standing out is not your thing, then this site probably isn't either. If you are looking for the same styles that everyone else on the beach will be wearing you might wan t to try Billabong and Roxy for the under 19s or Seafolly for a more mature look.

It's not about the Bust or the Booty

A misconception about Brazilian Bikinis is that you need the Beautiful Brazilian figure to pull off wearing it.  The truth is Brazilian Women are world renowned for their beauty, not because they are genetically predisposed to all have amazing figures, but because they believe they are beautiful and understand that wearing a bikini that emphasises their feminine assets projects the most important attributes of being beautiful; confidence and believing in yourself.