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Hello and thanks for stopping by and and your interest in my little business - Brazilwear Australia. 

Brazilwear Australia was founded in the summer of 2007 after I returned to Australia from Brazil.  While I was back home in Brazil showing my Aussie boyfriend around I was reminded of just how sexy and fun the Brazilian Women make the beaches there.

When I returned to Australia, despite the amazing beaches here, and equally gorgeous Aussie girls, the beaches just don't seem to ooze that same mix of sexiness and femininity. Here the beaches are more like a library than a party, with everyones' faces burried in books and magazines, which might explain the more conservative dress code.

Or maybe the real reason for the lack of confident sexy ladies staking their claim on the local beaches is the lack of access to sexy, feminine cossies.  A visit to the malls to hunt down a true Brazilian cut quickly reenforced my suspicions.  Unless you wanted to blow your entire annual swimwear budget, plus some, on a Poko Pano, or overpriced Tigerlily bikini, then your options were limited to poor quality, surfie labels, made in China, only to look like every other teenie bopper at the beach.

Rather than complain about the situation, I decided to take action.  After speaking to my Brazilian girlfriends back home and finding out what were the hottest styles back in Brazil, and doing a few sums, I worked out I could import gorgeous authentic Brazilian Bikinis at a price everyone can afford.   

Happy shopping and I hope you find your perfect bikini.


  Beijos (kisses)

Oh one other thing, I value my privacy and expect you do too, so rest assured I have a privacy policy that reflects what I expect of others.